Pros And Cons Of An Immigrants Controversy

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An Immigrants Controversy
On June 17, 2015 the Nacional Immigration Regulatory Plan reached it deadline, the week before the institution in charge of executing this process had a big crowd at their doors. Throughout the months given for this plan the immigrants, appeared to leave everything for last. The institution in charge of this plan was right next to my university, each day I passed by it and looked inside and saw only a couple of people completing their process of regularization. One day after class I saw that there was a big traffic jam near my university, I saw immigrants with their families walking around campus and a lot of people wondering around the governments institution. I suddenly realized that it must have been for the Regulatory Plan that I was reading in the news all the past days. Later that day I went online to read the news and I saw that the deadline was in a week, June 17, 2015. More news went on being published questioning the Regulatory Plan; some were national and some were international, this made a huge controversy and confusion on which news should we trust. I found it a big shock for me to learn about the immigrant’s position, I put myself
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An earthquake that occurred on January 12, 2010 made Haiti live in a place where everything was destroyed, all the houses, roads, governments buildings, factories among many other infrastructures where destroyed because of the earthquake. Haiti entered a stage of chaos after this. Immediately after the earthquake organizations, ordinary people and some countries made incredible donation to Haiti in order for them to restore their balance. Around $10 Billion dollars was raised, with this money the UN and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) were going to administrate it and help rebuild Haiti, unluckily Haiti didn’t received something even close to that
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