Pros And Cons Of Animal Adoption

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In the world today, over four million animals are euthanized yearly. There are a few different options on how someone can retrieve their new fur baby such as adopting from a shelter and buying from a puppy store. There are plenty of pros and cons of adopting and buying from stores such as saving animals, cheaper prices, finding what’s comfortable, supporting puppy mills, and foul treatment of animals. In order to rescue and to stop supporting puppy mills that lead to indecent animals. I believe that people should begin to stop shopping and to open their minds to adoption. Shelters are always full of dogs and cats patiently waiting for their perfect owner to find them, but most never make it out. There are “No Kill Shelters” and there are “High Kill Shelter” and unfortunately most of those who enter the “High Kill Shelters” never make it out. The major aspect about adopting is giving a loyal animal a second chance at life. A pro for adoption is the fact that you get to rescue an animal that may have been next in line for the euthanasia list.…show more content…
If you plan on intending to buy a “bully” breed you must go through processing. This involves plenty of interviews and questions to determine if you are the right fit for the animal. The way this can go wrong is that you may not be selected to receive the animal. Another way that can make adopting a pain is that you may not find the breed you were intending on buying. This can make the process of retrieving your furry friend much longer. Lastly, your new friend may reject you and turn out completely different than you would have expected, but it takes time and patience to learn about one another. The main exception of buying from a store is that you are most likely going to get the breed you intend on getting right then and there. Puppy stores usually do not scan like adoption centers do. So, you will be approved for the sale of the
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