Pros And Cons Of Animal Research

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Everyone has benefited from the use of animal research in one way or another. My sister was diagnosed with asthma when born and without the help of animal research asthma would still be incurable. Experiencing this history with my sister I went into this research with a large bias for animal research. I found that research on animals is not a new discussion, “[h]umans have been using other vertebrate animal species…as models of their anatomy and physiology since the dawn of medicine.” (Franco 239) The ancient Greeks used animals for experiments with no question of morality ever being raised because of their “ranking in the scala naturae (the chain of being).” (Franco) Every major era came with a new dispute over how to handle animal…show more content…
(Lancet 815) Because of the FDA’s law regarding drug testing the US stayed unharmed when it came to thalidomide poisoning, showing the importance of making it legally necessary to test the effects of drugs on animals before giving it to humans. Testing immediately on humans could have the effect of the above tragedies explaining why researchers have developed a questioning guide to decide if putting animals through drug testing is worth the risk. “Why, how, and when to test metabolites for safety-W[hy]: Is the metabolite unique to humans? If not, is it major in humans (as defined by the FDA Draft Guidance)? If major, is it adequately covered in animals? Is it potentially reactive? If metabolite safety evaluation appears warranted, can a scientific weight-of-evidence approach be taken to exempt those metabolites from direct safety testing? HOW: If testing is mandated, what is the design of adequate non-clinical safety studies to satisfy these regulatory requirements? Which species are appropriate? What is the appropriate duration of these studies? WHEN: If testing is mandated, what is the appropriate timing of these studies to support registration of new molecular entities? Should the reports be submitted before or after initiation of Phase 3 clinical trials?” (Luffer-Atlas 448-449) If researchers follow the criteria of these questions they can discover whether testing on animals
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