Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Around the world, there has been an enduring controversial issue and that is animal testing and research. Since the beginning of medicine, animals were used in the testing of drugs, vaccines, and medical devices to determine the safety of a product due to their similarities in diseases with humans. However this is considered unnecessary due to the creation of alternatives for animal testing. Despite these alternatives the majority of animal testing still has not come to halt. This issue deserves to be attentive to instead of turning a blind eye as we consumers have always done dragging the issue and understand how our products are developed. The audience for this topic is generally people who are consumers of products and UTA students. In…show more content…
Researchers experimented on live animals without anesthetics causing public uproar., in the mid to late 1900s there was an increase in animal testing, which caused a public frenzy resulting in the controversy today. In the early 2000’s we have discovered alternatives, but somehow they’re not preferred. Currently there are many opinions on the subject, however in this essay I am only focusing on 3 main views. The first position are the defenders of animal testing. These people support using animals for testing and research in belief that they advance our knowledge in medicine for humans and animals alike. People who are on this position believe this because throughout the history of medicine and even today animals are being used to validate the products we use and take part in our research. Because physicians before us used animal testing to get us from where we are today we have things like antibiotics, insulin, oral contraceptives, anticoagulants, cancer treatment, vitro fertilization, organ transplant, open-heart surgery, organ transplant, and a wide array of surgical procedures that have all been made possible. There were some cases where animal testing was not used which brought harm to the consumer of products. For instance in 1937, a pharmaceutical company in the US created a sulfanilamide, using diethylene glycol (DEG) as a solvent, but did not know that it was poisonous since it wasn’t testing on first. After creating the drug he simply added

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