Pros And Cons Of Animals In Entertainment

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Christian Dominguez-Pineda
Mr. Young
11 December, 2017
Animals in entertainment
Animals in entertainment environments has been a controversial topic for years. The thought of taking an animal out of their environment and into a zoo captive is very upsetting to some people; others see animal captivity as a need to study and see the animals up-close in an environment, to entertain our minds of the animals in our planet.
The animals that are brought into zoos or other entertainment places for animal viewings have been taken from their families and natural habitat which is the most important thing to an animal. The sudden change of habitat can have a very bad effect on an animal, “some animals develop a condition called zoochosis. The animal is seen swaying back in forth in a state of oblivion.” Not only is this developed as they enter into a new habitat but it can also be caused by the certain antidepressants like Prozac. Animals living in their habitat do not get to choose who they mate with, they are simply given a partner to mate with. Most of the births by the animals are offspring and can be legally sold to other zoos. The practice of artificially inseminated animals can often lead to offspring’s, miscarriages, death at birth or rejection of their young.
Another focus of cons in entertainment is circuses. The animals are subject to do tricks for the audience’s entertainment. The animals are kept in small cages and travel all over the place for performances. Most of the techniques in circuses to train an animal involves whipping, beating, hurting an animal to behave and perform tricks. Because of this behavior towards the animals, the environment at a circus is generally very sketchy. You never know when a lion can be tired of performing and decide to go on a rampage in a circus towards the audience. Circuses carry a variety of animals from lions, tigers, monkeys, to even elephants. The purpose of a circus is to entertain, there is no learning involved in the audience’s experience. Audiences still support circuses and their many horrific behaviors towards the animals because they like to see what the animals can do. Most of the audience is not very aware of what happens to an animal in the
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