Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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To progress as a society, we must first look back at all the hardships faced throughout the years. We must look at the world leaders who were able to convince entire countries to eliminate millions of people different than themselves. We must understand the groups of extremists spreading terror and fear across the globe, and we must control people in power abusing their positions to benefit themselves and their agendas. Instead of ignoring these human mistakes, we must break them down and figure out how they could happen. Artificial Intelligence relies on our abilities to learn from our mistakes and mold our future in a way that will be beneficial and equal to all people. This paper will present the many benefits that A.I. will give…show more content…
Life with A.I. will be easier if used properly. Many tasks that people face today will become much simpler and less time-consuming allowing for time to be spent more productively. Tasks such as shopping and transportation will become automated for you. The average person will be able to spend more time doing what they please rather than the tasks plagued with us today. The key to all this however is ensuring that this new time be spent bettering society rather than becoming lazy and unproductive such as what the movie Wall-E predicts happening. In Wall-E the ordinary citizen spends their time in front of a monitor watching shows while technology does everything for them. This too can happen in our future. A.I. must be developed to benefit all types of people. The problem with creating such an effective machine is that one machine will be able to do the jobs of several humans. As humans, we need to stay ahead of the game and prepare ourselves to work in different fields in years to come. Jobs such as watering, fast food restaurants, golf caddies, and many other simple yet required tasks will be overtaken by robots. These jobs will take away a lot of work for the lower class, which is why it will become vital to attend colleges and universities to better oneself and the skills one has in order to always be needed by society. The push for A.I. should go hand in hand with the push for human
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