Pros And Cons Of Attending College

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The Best Option Not all students have the opportunity to attend college. Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill “Should Everyone Go to College?” exposes that “there is enormous variation in the so-called return to education depending on factors such as institutions attended, field of study, whether a student graduates, and post-graduation occupation” (209). Important to know that attending college gives everyone the opportunity to grow as a professional in their field. While most people think college as a waste of time, it is important to remember that the experiences and knowledge acquired by attending college are useful in our daily life and for a better job opportunity. However, everyone should know the pros and the cons of going to college and be mindful, self-oriented, of the career and path they choose to go throw college. Going to college is a good option because of the benefits of earn experiences and knowledge to get a better job for the future; however, going to college can be a nightmare if people are not fully concentrate on the studies or don’t have enough money to pay tuition or are not involved in a field that will help them find a job. For many, it is a dream to be able to perform professionally and earn a degree in their favorite field. Studying at college opens doors to complete this great goal of being a professional and to be useful to society. Oreopoulos and Uros state that “a small intervention can make the difference between individuals going or not going

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