Pros And Cons Of Banning Mobile Phones In Schools

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The Way to Move Forward: Banning Mobile Phones in Schools A recent study showed that frequently using a mobile phone can cause similar reactions to those of drug addicts. Our sleep patterns are disturbed and we start checking our phones when they have not even buzzed. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that these addictive devices have now made their way into the classroom despite the side effects and contrary to the evidence that banning mobile phones in schools increases exam results. Mobile phones are a major distraction, they offer a greater opportunity for cyberbullying to occur and our young people lose the ability to appreciate and enjoy simpler things in life. On the other hand, some people think that it is unsafe for young people to leave the house with no way of contacting home. However, this is a weak argument as evidence clearly shows. Technology is a major distraction for teenagers. A psychology professor at California State University conducted an experiment to prove this. He observed several students who were asked to study for 15 minutes. After just three minutes, they had all lost focus and technology was to blame for this. With results of only 65% of the time being spent on effective studying, it can be stated that just how quickly mobile phones can get in the way of our education is at a highly concerning level and something must be done about it. The distraction of technology already greatly disturbs revision at home, how can we possibly be allowing it
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