Pros And Cons Of Banning Sexist Adverts?

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Banning Sexist Ads?

Picture this: There you are, awaiting to hear the nurse call your name to see your physician. Idly flipping through the only People magazine that, against all odds, has managed to retain its cover, despite being six months old. When you reach an Arby’s ad. Your mind is able to instantly connect the ad’s sexual undertone. Those burgers are meant to be women’s breasts. The ad is for a fast food sandwich company and it is referencing sex along with the female body in order to do it. Burger King, Magazines, American Apparel, and Abercrombie & Fitch are all examples of the top companies promoting these sexist messages.These must be banned as they insult every woman , promote male dominance within a patriarchal society , and send disturbing messages to our younger generations.

To begin with, ads like American Apparel, Burger King, and Abercrombie send insulting and sexual messages to women. Women have always been expected to fill specific gender roles as the cleaning, cooking or childbearing sex machine. Back then, the ads were normal to both men and women and were socialized to tolerate and accept the female housewife stereotype. Women aren’t presented as women in
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Many women and men enjoy watching celebrities topless and in a seductive pose. They believe it shouldn’t be banned because then men will be less current to buy those products the ad is advertising. The corporation will then lose many causing other companies to also lose money and soon collapse. They will soon lose their product and people will have to just look at the clothing/item itself which will less likely get them to buy it. Similarly to the images, many believe advertising boosts the economy whether the ads are sexist or not. It promotes shoppers to buy products from the manufacturer. The advertising industry is huge and without it many think it will collapse without these

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