Pros And Cons Of Banning Tobacco

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Smoking is bad as everyone knows. In order to stop this habit, governments are working on different solutions. Still there is a conflict of interest that makes a ban on advertising of tobacco a complex issue as I explain below.
To summarize the argument in favor of banning tobacco advertising, I have to start by defining what is tobacco and why it is controversial. Tobacco is known to be a killer of humans for many years, like cancer, HIV, and other diseases. The world is still trying its best to fight the above disease in order not to kill the people. At the same time, especially the developed nations pour their millions of dollars to eradicate this disease not to kill their citizens. While the world agrees that other diseases should be eliminated, there is still debate about tobacco. Questions remain about whether people should be allowed to use tobacco if it is their choice, since it seems like giving people the ability to harm themselves.
I agree with the Indian government’s action to ban on smoking. If the ban was implemented properly or not is an important question. As a government working for its citizens, they are obligated to ban tobacco advertising. If
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It is common government propaganda to show that the government is doing something for its citizens, but often nothing will be implemented practically. As I said above regarding the government’s ban, the opposition is in a critical moment, and it has to show support for the citizens by bringing more support for the Indian citizens. Since tobacco is a killer, it is not the right time for opposition. The opposition needs to then figure out how to implement effectively the tobacco ban in India if they believe the government cannot do it
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