Pros And Cons Of Being A Police Officer

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Every society needs a form of protection to help it grow and become the society it wants to be. One of the essential conditions for any society is the safety of a community. If it were not for the armed forces known as police men the law might be ignored. As a person goes to college they get to dive into the rich history of a police officer, they are also helping society while they are getting good benefits, there are also a few cons that come to being a police officer, and they get skills that you can use in everyday life and after they retire. While becoming a police officer has many benefits there are also some cons that come to being one. Some of the benefits are you get to protect the people from criminals and bring them to justice for the wrong they have done. If a person works in homicide they get to solve murders and get to bring peace to the loved ones that this happened to and that would be a great feeling to have knowing that a person spent maybe hours, weeks, months, maybe even years to bring that person in and have peace knowing that person can now not do that again that’s a feeling that would be very satisfying to have. So more benefits of having this job is since it’s a government job you get extensive medical and dental coverage, top notch retirement plans, 2-5 week paid vacation, and holiday pay…show more content…
Some of these cons are, when you’re a rookie you may have to work on holidays and weekends while the other more seasoned police officers may get more of those days off. Another con about being an officer is it is a very stressful job. Officers are the first to see the results of a crime and they also have to deal with offenders which puts a huge emotional stress on and officer sometimes resulting in suicides or the officer devolving PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and becoming very depressed and not functioning as well in their field (Criminal Justice Degree

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