Pros And Cons Of Being A Swimmer

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In swimming the athletes are always trying to better their times. Once they achieve one goal it is a short celebration and then it is immediately back to work to try and get their time even lower. A swimmer will spend tireless hours in the pool, working on everything from technique to stamina, in an effort to drop even a hundredth of a second. A swimmer will spend extra time in the pool when they could be doing something much more enjoyable just to fix one little kink in there stroke. They will keep working every day to try and outdo their competition. When the day of the meet arrives their emotions are a mix of nerves and excitement. Their adrenaline is pumping. Finally, their biggest race comes up. This is the moment that they have been preparing for. They dive into the water, giving the race everything their body has to give. They look at the clock to see they have shaved off some time, no matter how small the amount. A wave of relief washes over them but they immediately jump out of the water to ask their coach what could have been better. The swimmer will not stop until they have reached…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald was always chasing a dream. What he and the swimmer don’t realize, however, is that perfection is never attainable. While the swimmer betters himself by trying to reach this unattainable goal of being perfect F. Scott Fitzgerald only harmed himself. He turned to alcohol to try and wash away his broken dream of perfection. Similar to Gatsby, Fitzgerald away saw Blue Blood as his superiors and aspired to become one of them without realized that one cannot become a Blue Blood, one has to be born into that title. Through F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, readers can see how he was effect by events in his life, particularly his quest for wealth and social status, his marriage to his wife Zelda, and his battle of alcoholism, which he saw as things so important to him and who he was that he had to include them into his
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