Pros And Cons Of Ben Phakulski's CEP Training System

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Ben Pakulski’s MI40X CEP Training System Review
Getting to know the creator of MI40X
Before everything else, you might ask, who is this Ben Pakulski? More popularly known as Ben “The Pak-Man” Pakulski, he is a professional bodybuilder affiliated with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Aside from this, “The Pak-man” also has several awards under his belt, including Mr. Canada 2008, 2nd place in 2008 IFBB, 2nd place in the 2013 Arnold Classic, and 11th place at the Mr. Olympia contest.
Such feats don’t really come as a surprise since Pakulski finished his bachelors in Kinesiology with honors at the University of Western Ontario, making him very much qualified for his regular seminar teaching engagements, as well as his career as bodybuilding trainer.
He created the Mi40 muscle-building program which is said to have helped a lot of people in terms of achieving muscle fitness. Aside from this, he also claims to be the
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As with anything in this world, there are two sides to the story. And the MI40X definitely has both pros and cons in its program, both of which are listed below so you can judge for yourself.
• The pros o No more guessing
All the program information, including which workout sets to do, for how long, and when, as well as what to eat and which supplements to take, are all laid out for you. You won’t have to do any guessing and definitely won’t just make up your routine as you go. o Exhaustive information provided
Aside from it all being laid out for you already, other pertinent information are also provided, helping you understand the core principles of the program, including the scientific reasons behind it. All workouts also come with a demonstration, ensuring proper form and execution each and every time. o Created by an expert
As earlier mentioned, this program has been created by a qualified expert and is based on clinical studies, so whatever is in the program must be rooted in the science of
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