Pros And Cons Of Birth Control And Euthanasia

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Birth control and euthanasia are two very controversial methods that are used in different zoos around the world to control their animal population. Zoos in the United States participate in contraceptive methods where they would give their female animals birth control pills that prevent them from being able to reproduce. Their reasoning for this is that by actively preventing the birth of unwanted offspring, they can control the population of the zoo and avoid reaching their carrying capacity. This way they are able to focus of their current populations and care for all of them well. In Europe on the other hand, they would rather euthanize the offspring after they mature if their genes are already present in the population. This way, the adult animals still get to have the experience of procreating and nurturing their young. Their reasoning behind this is that zoos have already taken away a lot of these animals’ natural instincts like their predatory and antipredatory behaviors. Allowing them to be involved in parenting behaviors gives the animals the chance to be a part of at least one natural behavior that they would experience in the wild. In the Copenhagen Zoo, they say that euthanizing these animals mimics what would naturally occur in the wild where not all young survive due to their low fitness. Both of these methods have their individual pros and cons. Some pros involved in using contraceptive pills include the availability for the females and males to be kept in
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