Pros And Cons Of Birth Control Over The Counter

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De’Asia Love
Professor Sedberry
English 101
12th April 2017
Stopping Over-The-Counter Birth Control
As a women, there are many things females go through every day. The most complex thing about being a women, is becoming pregnant. Any females probably does not want to be pregnant at the time. As well as having safe sex, the female wants to protect themselves at all times. What I mean at all times is that females have an advantage, which helps out more than a condom. Their advantage is birth control, which can help out from preventing pregnancy, or help out with their menstrual cycle that women go through every day as well.
As a female visiting the doctor for the first time, some may ask what birth control to their doctor is. Birth control is pretty complex, if any female does not take it a certain way. There are multiple ways to take birth control such as the pill, the Depo shot, or the Nuva Ring, and many more. As doing research, about 98% of women in the United States has used birth control at
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Plan B is a quick drug to take the morning after sex, before a pregnancy even starts. Plan B and birth control are two different types of drug with different side effects. As for Plan B, the females has no headaches, no causes of acne, and no weight gain. It is possible for nausea and vomiting. Therefore with birth control, females might have headaches, have acne problems, and some females gain weight from taking birth control. As for birth control, females will not get as sick as Plan B. There is a reason why Plan B is over-the-counter because it has no effect on the female unlike birth control. Plan B can be over-the-counter, but birth control has a very high risk that will cause a lot of side effects. The fact that Plan B is ineffective is the only reason why it is over-the-counter, other than that birth control is more effective and more risky than
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