Pros And Cons Of Black Organ Trade

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Imagine yourself in a situation where you are literally dying for an organ and the hospital is unable to supply you with the organ that could save your life. Would you rather suffer in pain or would you turn to the black market to live? Picture yourself in the poorest place in America and you have a perfectly functioning organ and you need to make money fast or else you will be evicted from your home, would you rather wait another few weeks to get your paycheck, or would you sell the organ? These are just some of the situations black market donors and recipients have to deal with. Black market organ selling can be defined as purchasing, selling, or obtaining any organ in an illegal manner and some claim that black market organ trade is unethical. Black Market organ trade should be allowed because this can benefit the donor and the patient in many ways. Unfortunately, where there is a black market, there are crimes involved. Although Black Market Organ selling does have a lot of risks and is illegal, patients should be allowed to turn to them when they are in need of immediate emergency care and are …show more content…

Also, every place on earth except for Iran has made it illegal to sell or purchase organs. To make organ selling legal, the person must be declared brain dead. According to the United Network for Organ selling, there are 99,521 people waiting for kidney transplant in the U.S and out of those people waiting for a kidney transplant about 4,500 people die from waiting. These statistics are staggering because almost 100,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ and in the midst of waiting, the person dies. The World Health organization believes that 10% of the demands for organs are being met, this is a very small number compared to the amount of people who are on the waiting list for an organ. This is one of the explanations on why people turn to the black

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