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All Sabrina wanted to do was to live and she will do whatever it takes to survive. Although… That was the hope of every other teenager in this place of extremely hideous beauty.
Watching one tribute after another go into the training center to show off their dominance and strength in the training center was nerve-racking, but nothing could even compare to what she felt when the robotic voice finally got to her. By the time she gets to go inside of the room that everyone has trained in for several days, many of the weaponry stations, as well as the ropes have already been used.
She had already planned on what stations she would be going to before she entered the room. In the games, everyone seems to believe that being aggressive and always
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Eventually, she finds the thorny plant, next to some berries that look extremely similar, but must be poisonous, genetically engineered berries, as the man that rambled to her about plants the other day specifically stated that blackberries have no poisonous lookalike, their only lookalike being the wild black…show more content…
She obviously spent too much time searching for the plants and dragging the berry bush out instead of just plucking a few leaves and berries off the plant instead, but she wanted a larger visual to display than just a few minute plant pieces.
The girl no one seems to care about clears her throat before speaking, stuttering slightly as she begins to talks. Once again, all that she can hope for is that her flora knowledge will give her somewhat of an OK score. “T-this is a b-b-blackberry p-plant.” She begins, taking a deep breath to calm herself. “The berries are edible, and that is a fact that everyone k-knows, but what p-people don’t know is that the leaves of a blackberry plant can actually b-be used and that they are helpful for diarrhea.”
“All you’ll be m-making is an infusion by pouring boiling water on the leaves and to let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. The only catch is that you have to drink the ‘tea’ of sorts the day it’s made.” The longer Sabrina talks, the more confident she feels, regaining the attention of a couple of the people that she originally had watching
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