Pros And Cons Of Bosnian Genocide

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Often, there is conflict amongst states that escalates, eventually, into war. With these wars, comes death and immense devastation; devastation that takes form in many ways. The worst of them are the human rights violations that occur, leaving behind a pain that is often rarely treated or addressed. Through the approach, transitional justice, victims of these horrible crimes against humanity have a system that allows them to seek some form of justice. Focus on the Bosnian genocide will allow for one to see how a specific case of transitional justice was played out and the cons, along with pros, of the actions every actor took that either prolonged or stiffened the progression of peace and justice in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and…show more content…
The worse of them took place at Srebrenica, where seven thousand men and boys were murdered. The women were and children were separated; sending the women to rape camps where they were raped and tortured for months until pregnant. This all occurred in a town that was a “safe haven” according to the UN’s standards but, to most, never was but merely under the “weak” protection of the UN. The victims, which consisted of men, women, and children from as young as an infant to as old as the elderly were not spared. It is estimated that over one-hundred and forty thousand people were killed, twenty-thousand women were raped and over four million people were displaced. Till this day the bodies and location of those who disappeared are still being searched for throughout the state of Bosnia with around eight thousand people still missing from the war. Originally, the response from the international actors was to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that were occurring. The first photos illustrating the horrors that were occurring in Bosnia were brought to the public’s attention in 1992, yet the international community still refused to intervene, despite the outrage and similarity to the nineteen- forty-five holocaust. The plan was to, instead, make six safe zone areas that were to be monitored by peace keepers from the UN. But proved to be ineffective due to the of lack of weapons and the policy of no firing
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