Pros And Cons Of Breastfeeding

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Whether to breastfeed or to formula feed is one of the many decisions parents have to make when caring for a newborn baby. The decision may seem simple in which parents base there decision on comfort, convenience and finance but little do most parents know the decision being made can have damaging long term effects than that of the present. There is plenty of research that state the significance of breastfeeding that go far beyond the extent of bonding between mother and newborn. Although, that too is important. Breast milk is known to contain antibodies which can help the newborn in developing a strong immune system which influence all the body systems. Research has shown that breast-milk can help prevent long term diseases such as…show more content…
This paper will explain the benefits of breastfeeding and how it plays an extreme role in the long-term health of a child not only in the early stages of life but also into adulthood and how we as nurses can help promote this mode of nutrition.

Breast feeding has been associated with the neurodevelopment of an infant. According to Stuebe and Schwarz (2011), studies shown that breast-fed and formula fed-infants produced evidence of developmental differences. For example, infants who didn’t exclusively breast feed until 6 months of age crawled later and were less like to walk than the infants were exclusively breast-fed. Also, formula fed-infants had IQ scores that were 7.5 points lower when they were at age 6.5. From this study, only basic information is such as walking and IQ score shown at a grade school age is seen it is hard not to see what the picture would be life if the trend of a slower neurodevelopment continues into the later years of a child. A child who will be lacking in this department can hinder growth in many areas such as motor skills. Showing a decline in IQ scores can also delay a child in succeeding academically future in life. These two factors alone can affect other areas of life. Knowing these facts as a parent would be beneficial. As parents, you would want the best for your child and want to give them the best opportunity possible. The missing link between breast milk and formula milk is long-chain poly unsaturated fatty acids which is said to
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