Pros And Cons Of Building A New Stadium In A Town

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There are pros and cons of building a new stadium in a town. In this article you will read the good and the bad of building a new stadium. You will also see point of views from both sides from some people wanting to build a new stadium and the other percent of people who think it would be a waste of money, time, and labor for building a new stadium. The pros to having a new stadium built are having more events held in the town which gives the town more to do. It also motivates the younger generation to be more active and go play sports. Building a new stadium in a town also gives the city or town more money by gaining the attentions of investors who want to partner with your cities leaders and invest money for air time on TV. All the people…show more content…
The new stadium could also affect people’s houses and land because it might be built beside a person’s house and could be disturbing at some time. Building a new stadium is a process that takes a long time and could take the city a couple months to maybe even a year to build; which can cause the city to work on certain roads that some people might take daily and can possibly cause traffic jams. Traffic jams can cause to people being late for work, school, appointments and other emergencies. Building a new stadium takes a lot of money and they use a large amount of money to build the stadium and “ the city hired expensive legal counsel to help obtain special permission from the Internal Revenue Service. And the Industrial Development Agency needed special permission to finance the project since it deviated from the agency's mission” (Croft). And the stadium only does good for only about one or two years and starts to eventually looses interest and or has a team that isn’t good enough to win championships which will eventually make fans not want to buy tickets which will lead to ticket sales going down and not being able to keep the stadium
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