Pros And Cons Of Building A Wall

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Building a wall has brought everyone's attention and is a matter that has many arguments, but in this case the southern border should reevaluate. The United States can’t fix all the problems that the wall is proposed to destruct. Building the wall may cause more unwanted problems, then there already is today. The conflicts of the United States, can interfere with the southern side causing disagreements. The United States building a wall on the southern border will not only increase the debt of the country, it will bring more division to our nation and will not eliminate criminals, terrorist attacks and illegal drugs.
The United States isn't as affluent as everyone makes it sound, the nation is in fact in a deep debt and therefore would have not one penny to pay for the labor or materials needed to go into this wall. The author explains “government debt is estimated to be $19.5 trillion, according to the FY18 Federal
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Criminals walk the street every day looking for their next mission some are caught and are sentenced to jail, and some get off the hook, a wall won't prevent criminals to disappear. Terrorists could be anyone, an unexpected attack can happen and no one will ever know who did it, they are teams of people looking to destroy, building a wall will only give terrorists more things to destroy. Drugs, whether we like it or not they exist people over dose every day, drugs is a business something that can't be stopped because a wall is being built, drugs can be made anywhere where there's a kitchen. The United States is looking for a way to stop all the wrongdoings and sadly there's nothing to stop any of these things. Drugs can be made and sold, terrorists will stop at nothing to destroy a nation and criminals we have an unlimited supply of them and they aren't going
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