Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Cruel and unusual or appropriate and justifiable? Capital punishment is a hotly debated topic that often divides opinion. There are three sides to every story: the criminals, the victims, and the laws a society elects to have. I happen to believe that capital punishment is a justifiable consequence of horrendous crimes where loss of life occurred. Furthermore, this extreme punishment must be reserved for very specific crimes and there should be no question of guilt. The great state of Texas has used capital punishment prior to it becoming a part of the U.S. “In 1972 the U.S. Supreme Court found the “death penalty” cruel and unusual because of hangings and the electric chair.” (“Supreme”) As a result, death sentences of fifty-two people were commuted to life in prison. Nonetheless, “USSC (U.S. Supreme Court) held the Georgia death penalty statute constitutional, setting the stage for the resumption of executions in 1976.” (“Effects”) Texas adopted the lethal injection method in 1977. Capital punishment remains the same in Texas today. Now that the legality has been established, the question is; Is capital punishment ethical? Utilitarianism is based on results. In a lecture over capital punishment, in a course on ethics, Dr. Bob Price stated, “greatest good for the for the greatest number.” Regarding utilitarianism, capital punishment is determined by the result of the action that was committed. Most Texans believe in the death penalty because it is a way of consequence of
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