Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Use While Driving

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A common question that has come forward due to the increase in our society being very technically involved, is should cell phone use be banned for all ages while driving? The cell phone use while driving has become a growing epidemic in all ages. Distracted driving causes about eighty percent of all motor vehicle accidents. The growing youth has become the prime candidates for this problem being that another eighty percent of people ages 16-20 admit to texting while driving knowing how bad it is. The worst part is that it is no secret with these given statistics that using your phone while driving is deadly, so why is it we keep doing it? The only way to stop this growing epidemic is to ban using your phone while driving. Today more than ever mobile phones have become a main staple in everyone’s life this technological and social phenomenon is contributing to one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths and injury motor vehicle collisions. There has been many studies done that has compelling information that backs up the negative effects of texting and driving. It has been shown that while using your phone while you driving there is an increase of 80 percent of a vehicle collision. Cell phone conversations have been shown to cause negative effects on reaction time, lane keeping, car-following ability and speed control for driving. What having conversations or phone use also has a negative effect on other of driving tasks like checking your mirrors or following the
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