Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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In the name of science there are controversial medical advancements that many families and individuals can undergo. This can be seen in many different ways depending on the culture or society of the individual or family. A few of these controversial topics include, cloning humans, STEM cell research, and human embryo enhancement. Cloning in communities and to everyday people Cloning has been seen in many different ways, in different communities and amongst the people of those respective communities. Regarding geographical communities there is a large controversy globally, however most countries are mostly united in their beliefs. In the regions of the world there are largely three divisions; the western side where cloning of human embryos is largely seen in a bad tone thus it is restricted. In the eastern hemisphere, Asia, there are far less restrictions in that specific field, thus they have many more research facilities to study cloning human embryos. The final section of the globe is the European part. This section, however, is different than that of the other two hemispheres. This is due to European countries having varying views on this subject, thus this part of the world is largely divided (Tierney 2007). In these geographical parts of the world there are the individuals who make up these country's beliefs. However, these individuals must be led into their personal beliefs by some outside aspects of their communities. This outside fact is primarily their religious

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