Pros And Cons Of Coal Energy

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Definition of coal:
Coal is a type of fossil fuel that contains stored energy from dead plant matter. Coal is formed millions years ago in geologic time. When coal is burned the energy is used to heat water and generate electricity.

Form of energy:
Potential-chemical energy

Renewable or Nonrenewable:

How coal is formed, where coal is located and how we recover it:
Coal is a sedimentary rock that is composed with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Coal comes from energy that was stored in giant plants that lived hundreds of millions of years ago in swamp forests, even before the dinosaurs! When these giant plants and ferns died, they formed layers at the bottom of the swamps. Water and dirt began to pile up on top of the
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We can find coal reserves anywhere, but in Pennsylvania is the state that has a lot of coal.

Pros of coal energy:

The pro of coal energy is that we have plenty of coal in the U.S. and worldwide. Also, when we have plenty of coal, it helps the U.S.A to be less dependent on foreign oil. The coal power plants are cheaper to produce and it is reliable to produce electricity.

Cons of coal energy:
It is known as the “dirty fuel” because it causes air pollution. Which harms the environment and human health. Coal releases carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide and other pollutants. It causes acid rain, and it destroys forests. Even the U.S. has better regulations than other countries the lack of regulation causes climate change.

Definition of natural
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In order to recover uranium is by mining.

Ways we turn uranium into energy we can use:
We use uranium for nuclear power plants. The energy produce from the power plant is used mainly electricity.

Pros of nuclear energy:
Nuclear energy gives us “clean energy” therefore it creates no air pollution compared to coal.
Nuclear energy gives us enough energy to last beyond our lifetime. This energy source helps countries who does not have enough fossil to support their population and their needs.

Cons of nuclear energy:

First, the power plants takes a really long to get approved and a long time to build the plant. If a nuclear power plant has an accident then it will take a really time to isolate due to the radiation. The power plant needs a lot of water to produce nuclear energy and run the plant itself. If the nuclear waste is not properly handle then the waste will harm the environment and people due the waste being radioactive. If it gets in the wrong hands terrorism can occur. Because they can use the radioactive waste from the power plant, and they can used as a weapon instead of an energy
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