Pros And Cons Of Computer Hacking

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Many organizations within the computer and technology industry may face pros and cons in the area of computer hacking. According to Small Business Chron, independent firms specializing in hacking prevention software or network development stand to benefit tremendously as the impact of hacking spreads throughout the world. (SmallBusiness, 2017) Small businesses in the industry tend to expand their operations if the company is successful in obtaining and remaining constant with a client base. However, due to the failing efforts of some products, many companies tend to face hacking issues which results in the loss of their client base and the inability to attract potential clients. With the new advances in technology come many risks and…show more content…
The news came as a shock when the media released the scandal in March of 2012. According to Global Payments, while credit card numbers may have been exposed, personal information such as names, addresses and Social Security numbers were “not obtained by the criminals.” (Washington Post, 2012) The breach itself occurred between the dates of January 21st through February 25th. It took nearly a month for the public to become aware of what transpired and who was actually at risk from having their personal financial information hacked. Both Visa and Master Card, customers of Global Payments, issued statements to their own customers about the breach and that there may be some security issues involved with some data. Global Payments later held a conference call Monday morning to provide more details on the debacle. Executives of the organization ensured their clients and the media that an investigation is ongoing. However, Global Payments stated that the breach was limited to only "a handful of servers," and it appears to be confined to accounts in North America. The company 's CEO, Paul Garcia released a statement saying the company is working closely to contain any and all damages that has affected their clients. The final results stemming from the breach were released by Global Payments in April of 2013. According to Kitten with Bank Info Security, Global Payments reported that the organization was closing its investigation based upon a data
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