Pros And Cons Of Criminal Punishment

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Criminal Punishment
Do we need punishments for felonies? How bad should the punishment be for a certain crime? Should the death penalty be allowed? How much luxury should the convicted be allowed? If you look at the justice system and how the state handles the punishment of the criminals who have been convicted, there are lots of flaws that definitely can be improved. As well as there are good things that should stay in the system.

I definitely think that we need some sort of penalty for doing illegal things. This helps most of us to think twice before doing something bad, and possibly makes us avoid doing said thing. I also strongly believe that without punishment there would be a larger risk of us committing a crime. Normal people usually have the ability to know what is right or wrong, but without strict punishment, people may push the boundaries to get the things they want and need.

There is also the always ongoing debate about the level of punishment for …show more content…

One of the strongest arguments for the death penalty is that it is seen as the last warning. That it is a lot less likely for people to kill if they know that they will be killed because of it. But people still get murdered, murderers are still out amongst us. If death penalty is used to scare off people, it is not working. Five years ago the murder rate in the US were nearly 15000, fifteen thousand people’s lives were taken. So there were about (and probably still is) about 15k people in the US who are not that afraid of the penalty, or at least not scared enough. Almost every criminal chooses the safety of knowing that you get to live until you die a natural death. It is much less scary for someone who is afraid of death to get a life sentence in prison. This however can’t be promised, since there is a lot of crime inside the prison as well, and there is a chance that you get abused and in some cases also

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