Pros And Cons Of Cyberbullying

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Cyber bullying is no stranger; it is so common nowadays that certain people have no remorse towards it or what so ever. Cyber Bullying targets all type of people no matter the age, race or gender. Mainly among youngsters, especially with the invention of Internet and its mass commercial use, some did not envisage the importance and how deleterious it can be. There are two types of Cyber Bullying it depends on the age of the person; adults for instance, it is more commonly referred to as stalking or harassment, simply because adults know how to deal with ‘bullies’ unlike teenagers, making them an easy prey.
Such as the case of Ryan Halligan in 2003 over Instant Messenger (AIM) as well as the famous case of Megan Meir in 2006 who were bullied over MySpace. As a matter of fact, that was an eye opener for some parents to encourage their kids to communicate more and be open with their problems without fearing of being judged. “That Technology was being utilized as weapons far more effective and reaching [than] the simple ones we had as kids.” Cyber Bullying can cause severe and serious damage, it can lead to depression, anxiety and even as far as suicide as it was mentioned. The worst part is that this phenomena cannot be stopped or even controlled all the way beacuse it all mainly happens online. Internet is a vast world that can easily lure vulnerable people such as teens into a black hole that it is sometimes to detach oneself from. « Over half
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