Pros And Cons Of DNA Vaccines

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DNA Vaccines: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In a world where everyone wants to be superior, humans are lacking in a specific way. We, as humans, our DNA was not set up for us to be the top dog. Humans DNA was made for us to be weak to some things. Yet, scientist are trying to change that. Many have come up with the thought of DNA vaccines that help our bodies become that superior organism that we all hope to be. Those scientist have used animals in preliminary trials since the vaccines are still in the early stages of development. DNA vaccines have emerged just recently out of the minds of scientists. In the past couple years, they have tried to use rodents, or other small animals and insects. DNA vaccines are playing a crucial role in science because they are helping animals avoid diseases, make their DNA more superior than it was before and lastly, and makes their immune system stronger. DNA immunization is a novel technique used to efficiently stimulate humoral and cellular immune responses to protein antigens.(Khan) The main purpose of DNA Vaccines is to put them inside a host to control
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Some ways include a regular injection with a needle, like a shot, Electroporation, and a “gene” gun. The Gene Gun is also called Particle Acceleration or Microprojectile Bombardment. The gun is used by “shooting” DNA into a plant cell or an animal cell.(Plant and Soil Science eLibrary) This method is used in plants to protect them as well. “Electroporation is the application of an electric current to a living surface ,as the skin or a cell membrane, in order to open pores or channels through which something as a drug or DNA may pass.” (Jaquith) The process of electroporation is done with a tool that creates that creates an electromagnetic field in a cell suspension, called an electroporator. The cell suspension is pipetted into a glass, which has two aluminum electrodes on its sides.
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