Pros And Cons Of Dependence On Technology Essay

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Technology surround us. Like water in the cream, people are swimming in technology each and every day. From the radio playing a favourite song to a text received about the results of a game, people use technology constantly. However, there is a point at which people are overtaken by technology; when he wave engulfs us and there is no way out. People are becoming more and dependent on technology. Ever since technology began heavily integrating itself into society, many major uses have developed, but at a cost that brings on dangerous side effects, both mental and physical, as shown by the potential Y2k bug, that will continue unless active measures are sought out by those so dependent on technology. Outside of the classroom and the office, technology is still omnipresent. The internet, like most advancements and perhaps the best known example of modern technology, began at a military level (“Information Technology”2) and wound up eventually landing in the laps of businesses and the common person. With this, the normal way of conducting business changed dramatically. Instead of physically exchanging…show more content…
Technology is set to revolutionize healthcare in the deeper reaches of India. “Telemedicine and electronic patient records will allow for better healthcare in remote locations; Primary Health Centre in the villages will be soon linked to district hospitals” says Sunil Kapoor, Chief Technology Officer, Fortis. Hewlett Packard is at it with its modified iPaq. To reduce paperwork, save time and improve the flow of information, PDAs were designed with suitable icons to carter to semi-literate Auxilliary Nurse-Midwives (ANMs). The PDAs capture information about the health conditions in a village, which can then be accessed by the computer at the Primary Health Centre, for developing a health status
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