Pros And Cons Of Discipleship

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Today's Christianity promotes the belief that one may be a Christian without Christ. The world lacks Christian disciples not because people do not want to be disicipled, but rather because believers have forgotten how to disciple and therefore no longer understand in depth what it means to be a follower of Christ or how to teach nonbelievers and those who are immature in their faith. In today's culture, people claim to be Christians yet refuse to be disciples, so they can claim the title of “Christian” without having to commit and submit to anything or anyone.
Disciples are followers who strive to emulate their leaders in order to go and make more disciples by using what they learned from their teachers. Jesus set up the discipleship model that Christians are meant to follow; He made disciples who could continue to make more disciples. Discipleship is not just telling people about Christ; before discipleship can begin, a relationship must be established, and an invitation through evangelism must be extended. Believers need to be able to successfully evaluate where they and others are spiritually so they can encourage each other in love to continue to pursue spiritual maturity. People must understand that they are making a commitment when they become a Christian and that there are requirements to their faith and ways they can deepen their relationship with others and God. The Bible commands Christians to go out and make disciples (NIV Essentials Study Bible, Matt.28:19);
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