Pros And Cons Of Distracted Driving

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Introduction: In times such as now when many have allowed smartphones to take priority in their lives over the immediate present, there is constantly a battle of distraction in the palm of one’s hand diverting more attention to the screen rather than the environment around them. Automobile manufactures are rolling out more safety features in cars than ever before, such as lane drifting notification, side curtain airbags, GPS navigation, automatic breaking, and rear-backup cameras. On the other hand, individuals have unwittingly placed themselves in a more dangerous position than ever before with lack of awareness of the surroundings that exist outside of their vehicles. When it comes to priorities in not only driving but in life, mankind needs to consider if technology is in the driver’s seat or passenger’s seat. Long before the rise of the tech revolution there were distractions that occurred while driving from one point to another: from applying makeup, eating, fiddling with the radio station or CD player, or talking to other occupants in the car, these were normal activities while driving that were likely the cause of accidents resulting in injury or death. Distracted driving is not a new phenomenon however, the tech revolution has ushered in a host of new distractions. Add these new distractions to the previous ones, and a simple errand or running to the grocery store for example, is exponentially more dangerous than ever before. In 2015 alone, 3,477 people’s lives were
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