Pros And Cons Of Doctor Faustus

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The idea of selling your soul to the devil for knowledge has been around for as long as Doctor Faustus. Christopher Marlowe's play dealt with this controversial topic in 1590's. The story of Doctor Faustus is just as relevent today as it was hundreds of years ago. This paper will be a study of the pros and cons of the idea of selling your soul to the devil.

Doctor Faustus was a well-respected scholar; he was bored of and not happy with traditional forms of knowledge like logic, medicine, law, and religion. He wanted to learn magic so two of his friends promised to teach him the secrets of black magic. The first thing he did was summon Mephasthophilis, one of Lucifer's servants. Since Doctor Faustus had great ambitions he told Mephasthophilis to go back to Lucifer so he could strike a deal with the devil to learn everything in the world. For twenty-four years of service from
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There is evidence to support both. For example in the essay by Elizabeth Poole she discusses his original goal that starts all this. His ambition to know and see things that no other human has seen before is considered highly romantic. The way he handles himself after making the deal is the tragedy. Sadly he is presented with several chances to repent but he refuses. Ms. Poole discusses his denial of God and his wish for knowledge and control over nature. In Act 2 Scene 1, pg 16-19 he is confronted by opposing angels-good and bad. Faustus says : "Contrition, Prayer, repentance "what of these?" the good angel replies: "O, they are means to bring thee unto heaven." the bad angel says: "Rather illusions, fruits of lunacy. That make them foolish that do use the most." Faustus chooses not to believe he can save his
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