Pros And Cons Of E-Government System

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A total of 2 wards were visited and a survey or research was conducted with the citizens and the responsible authorities
in the counselor ofce. These wards consisted of ward no 23 and 41. On the visit to the wards, it was learned that the existing systems had some aws in them. The citizens had to face problems regarding simple queries they wanted to know the solution to. The interaction between the query servicing authority and the normal citizen was not efcient. No direct access to information was given to the citizens. Complaint servicing was manual which led to an unnecessary overhead in the counselor ofce staff as people had to …show more content…

V. C
In this paper, concepts of e-governance, communication mechanism, grievance redressing have been discussed. This paper discusses about the pros and cons of e-governance implemented at ward-level.
This may put a positive impact on the society. And may help in attacking the cons of the existing e-government system. By implementing a system that would be able to deal with such cons effectively would be benecial.
As everything is digital and online, it is most probable that the system might fall victim to phishing and hacking attacks.
Frauds and cyber attacks might occur frequently if the security is breached.
As the whole system is online, you can have access to the system from anywhere, and anytime.
This paper implies the need of designing a system which would be efcient and capable of dealing with the cons of the existing systems. By implementing such a system, it would ease the process of e-governance. By putting such an interactive system online it would also be benecial for a citizen by reducing overhead. Also, automation of

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