Pros And Cons Of Electronic Communication

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Pros and Cons of Electronic communication
There are many species in the world, however, human is the only one who can talk, understand, think and act according to his own wish. This means human is the only species who can communicate with other humans. Thus, communication plays a vital part in human life. In simple terms, communication is effectively interacting with each other. Defining communication, it can be the process by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings (Longman Dictionary, 2011). Some of the earlier methods used for communication have been visual and audio in the form of gestures, sound and pictures/drawings. Technology today has transformed these sounds and gestures to produce speech, videos, films, posters and theatre. The evolution of different means has opened up a vast potential for communication (
Discussing the types of communications, the types are verbal and non verbal. Non verbal can further be classified into oral, written, and sign language. Oral communication can be face to face or by using the electronic media. The communication done by using electronic medium is called electronic communication. The type of electronic media available now-a-days are mobiles, internet, radio, television, emails, fax etc. These media are in tremendous use in today 's world. Emails, mobiles, internet have become a necessity for living. There is no easy access to things without an electronic media.…
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