Pros And Cons Of English As A Global Language

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A global language is a language that is spoken internationally and used for communication between people with different mother tongue. It is a language which is common as a first or a second language that many people speak or understand. English is one of the most common global languages and it has evolved naturally. It is used and understood in different degrees by over a billion people, and it seems like it’s spreading more and more. English came to Britain from northern Europe during the fifth century and the language spread to the Asian, African and American continents with the expeditions and colorizations. Through one of the expeditions, they found Australia. The found of Australia couldn’t have been discovered at a better time.…show more content…
We live in a global world where it’s very important that we are able to communicate with people that have another mother tongue than us. Since English is a global language, and used as a second language by many people, it can be used to communicate across borders, to exchange information, for working together and to understand each other. English can then be used to spread technology and information to later generations so that it can be understood and used later. English is also an easy language to learn and understand compared to for example Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Because it is easy, we can begin early to learn English. The English we learn at school doesn’t help us to communicate fluently in English, but it surely helps to understand and make ourselves understood. English has become a big part when it comes to different occupations. If you can use it well within your occupation, you’ll get better opportunities and you’ll be able to work everywhere. On the other hand, English as a global language can be negative for those who don’t know it that well. Many people from the older generations have difficulties when it comes to jobs, because they don’t understand or speak it well. There are less opportunities for them when it comes to jobs. English is spreading all over the world, and I think therefore that other languages disappear. The English is “taking over” and the other languages don’t get the possibility to develop. I also think that English makes cultures disappear because we can only know cultures through learning the language. And when we don’t learn other languages than English, we don’t learn about the culture, and the culture disappears more and
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