Pros And Cons Of Federalism

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Even though the current political scene on planet earth has seen better days I will give my best efforts to distinguish the pros and cons of Federalism. In my opinion I believe that federalism works in many first world countries, but it would have a harder time working in third world countries. Federalism comes with many advantages and its own unique disadvantages. Federalism provides basic security to its citizens and provides government security with all the dispersed levels of government to spread out power. The cons that follow federalism are the protection of the power and laws may also reinforce bad and unjust laws depending on the country. This all ties together with recommending federalism to a non-federal country. So lets get…show more content…
This point is further confirmed by Kincaid as well, “greater responsiveness to citizen preferences, especially insofar as regional and local governments have the authority and ability to respond to those preferences” (Kincaid 2001), this is excellent because rather than feeling your opinion does not matter in the grand scheme of things, your opinion in local side government feels much more relevant. Not only does this give you as a citizen more authority and confidence; but, it also makes you more intensive and focused on local community affairs and policies. These are the some of the most prominent positive effects that come out of a federal government. Now for the bad news and you might be wondering how could federalism be bad after all the positive effects it reinforces. Well to start off federalism is the reason it was so hard to get rid of slavery in the late 1800s. It was a hard state issue to overcome and ended in a civil war. Not only this but nationalist who oppose certain laws and bills can go out of their way to delay or fight these bills and laws, “States can fight against the existence of certain national laws by challenging them in court, or going out of their way to not enforce those national laws, or even deliberately obstructing enforcement of national laws.(Wiseman 2017), giving citizens this power is important but it also can be easily taken advantage of. These types of deliberate blockage can slow down innovation and progress which is another

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