Pros And Cons Of Four Day School Week

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On average a student goes to school at least nine hundred to a thousand hours a year. What if you can learn the same information in a less amount of time? Studies show that having a 4 day school week has its pros and cons. There are three hundred and sixty days in one full year, and out of those three hundred and sixty days students are required to go to school at least one hundred and eighty of them. The reasons schools should have a 4 day school week are because it improves the economy, improves attendance, improves behavior, also because the longer week does not affect grades. The first reason schools should implement the four day school week is because it saves money. The move saved Minnesota’s North Branch Area Public Schools a…show more content…
By taking action in the 4 day school week plan, this is exactly what it is doing. Furthermore it prepares students for life after school. Not only does the savings include transportation, but also a decrease in money spent on school lunch. Students are eating jail food one less day. There is a decrease in school lunch because if students are in school one less day out of the week, less food will have to be made. By going to school only 4 days we are also saving about 20 percent on food (Hawkins, 2016). Another savings is that of utilities such as electricity, which would be saved because on that fifth day the school would be shut down. The Chattooga County School District in Georgia reported annual savings of nearly 800,000 after switching to the four day week plan(Sheehy,2012). A question that goes along with this reason could be where do the school systems put the money towards now? Now schools could use the money to buy additional class textbooks, materials, also improving school wide activities through the money. According to Melstone public school ,who actually did an experiment with the school week studies showed that attendance improved by 19 percent(Melstone Public school,2012). This means that overall absents decreased. In 2008-2009 Melstone had a regular five day week and recorded an amount of 353 absences in first semester. In school year
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