Pros And Cons Of Free College Tuition

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College education is a need for a structured life. Children and teens all through the United States are focusing on their grades and aiming for good grades. A persons potential and bright future can come to a halt after the 12th grade. Why? The answer is that paying for a college education is difficult and sometimes impossible. My proposal is that students should be able to receive free college tuition with a high school degree. College tuition should be payed for by the government which will cause students to stay encouraged and focused on their academics.

My first reason on why college should be granted to students is because it will cause students to focus on their academics. Majority of college students have jobs as well as being full time students. With that being said they are focused on their work as much as they are focused on their studies. They have to keep a job in order to pay for their academics, supplies, books, and classes that are mandatory. Students should be studying but instead their jobs are taking up that time. Free college will provide students with extra time to learn and be rested, two main keys in succeeding. Students will not be anxious and wrapped up in worrying about payments or having no time. Students would have more preparation for classes leading to higher success rates without the worries of their financial situation.

Next, I think that college tuition being free should be granted since some students from un-wealthy families that get good
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