Pros And Cons Of Gamification

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Now looking into what today’s new methods of learning compared to what it was in the past, it is clear that gamification has made a major breakthrough and a positive influence onto society today. Gamification today has made teaching a whole lot more engaging and effective along being entertaining when being used. Now it has been discussed how gamification is applied in different forms and an interesting definition given by the two authors Janna Anderson and Lee Raine which states “The word “gamification” has emerged in recent years as a way to describe interactive online design that plays on people’s competitive instincts and often incorporates the use of rewards to drive action—these include virtual rewards such as points, payments, badges,…show more content…
This idea does make sense as this can assist industries to select the ideal candidates after reviewing their process within the game. Workers can always be evaluated and at the same inspired and motivated to complete more tasks in order to level up and achieve as much rewards as possible from management. Now the pros to this concept are the following, gamification increases employee engagement thus creating a much more active environment within the workforce. Workers would wish to complete many tasks as possible in order to level up. Gamification also shows signs of immediate progress and achievements, thus allowing management to analyze and reward their staff. Also, gamification gives the best workers the ultimate opportunity to shine by showing off their skills and abilities within the game. However a major con to this issue is that is a great possibility that workers could cheat and stab one another in the back to get my achievements and rewards, so unfortunately the undeserving could be rewarded for an achievement that wasn’t earned honestly. Another issue is that gamification in the workforce can slowly lose interest of their users meaning that the novelty would eventually wear

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