Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Lya Tran
Mr. Young
4 December 2017
Genetic Engineering Altering with the DNA sequences that codes the body and functions of an living organism. Cloning is procedure of obtaining organisms with the same or identical genetic information. In the process of cloning the experiment, scientists create the animal by transferring the nucleus from an adult animal cell and placed into an enucleated egg. When the embryonic cells is ready to active, it differentiated the adult cells by shutting down the specific gene functions that they did not want in the animal. The embryonic cell must reset to the embryonic state for the embryo to be able to develop with the genetic information. Genetic engineering can be a potentially menacing implement, that can be fatally ill or if working can bring great benefits in the future, until we begin to clone the human race.
Firstly, is the history of how animal cloning began. Cloning was one of the most fascinating topics, the first ever animal to be cloned over 100 years ago up to the most recent development in genetic engineering. Dolly the Sheep, who was born in 1996, is the most popular cloned animal, but Dolly wasn’t as close as the first cloned animal. Many scientists have been cloning many other animals for more than 100 years before Dolly was even born. Based on facts that Dolly isn’t even the first ever cloned mammal, and she isn’t even the first cloned sheep but she is one of the most popular sheeps to be cloned. Defining what a
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