Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Technology seems to be the best option for humanity and everyday it is growing up exponentially; consequently, experts try hard to do perfect experiments, so people will completely trust at new methods involving technology. Genetic engineering has been a hard-studied technology to work with, in the medical field for scientists because they are experiencing with lives of living beings. This technology plays an important role in science because it can modify or edit genes of animals, plants and humans replacing them for new ones, fix any problem with them or just create a new specimen. Should we worry about the new applications of this technology? For example, we can see different races of dogs, cats and other animals that we didn’t have, our supermarkets have vegetables and fruit twice bigger size that some farm-raised food, and also people with some different characteristics from others, such as eye and skin color, taller or healthier people, etc. According to a debate between Pam Ronald, an American plant pathologist and geneticist, and Erick Vance, a science writer, genetic engineering has brought new improvements to several farms because according to the World Health Organization, pesticides kill 200 to 1,000 Americans a year. In this debate, they are arguing risks, cons and pros about this new technology, although to Ronald, Genetic Engineering in the industry for production is going to increase sales of modified food and probably and the world hungry.

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