Pros And Cons Of Getting Surgery

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In today 's society teenagers are striving to become as perfect as they can be when it comes to their physical appearance.It is more clear to see what the “perfect” body is supposed to look like, we see it every where, on billboards, T.V, and in magazines. What none of us really realize is what it’s doing to the minds of teens. It just seems normal to have a specific view on what we think teens should look like and that is where plastic surgery comes into play, but teens need to wait on having plastic surgery until they are physically and mentally mature enough. As it starts to become more and more popular to get lip injections, nose jobs, etc. just to change something simple about themselves, they don’t tend to take into consideration the problems that can occur as well as the reality of the aftermath. They may not research the pros and cons to getting surgery because they just want to feel better about themselves, they want to look prettier but what they don’t realize is that they still have some growing up to do, not only physically but mentally as well. Physically they may still be trying to develope and grow, mentally maybe they still need time to realize that there is really more to it then changing one thing about themselves. It seems that these days, teens are running to get in line at the plastic surgeon 's office, looking to change their appearance, but really how young is too young? Most teens who are planning on getting plastic surgery are not mentally mature
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