Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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Summary The paper examines globalization by defining the term and highlighting its pros and cons. Benefits realized from the operation of a large scale global business are discussed as well as the problems that emerge from globalization. Challenges facing the spread of international business are also presented in the paper. Recommendations on the hindrances of international business are then finally suggested in an attempt to solve the stagnation in the global scale. Abstract Globalization was a policy initiative aimed at facilitating the removal of protective obstacles by various governments policies adopted all over the globe to facilitate free business among all states of the world. However, over time, globalization has brought more than just creating a perfect competition market for the goods and services availed to the world. Various problems have emerged from the issue of conducting worldwide. In this paper, some of the benefits and problems arising from globalization will be illustrated to help understand the better evolution of the current globalization. Keywords: Globalization, Exports, Imports, Free Markets, Pros, Cons Table of Contents Summary 1 Abstract 1 Introduction 3 Background problem 3 Pros of Globalization 4 Cons of Globalization 5 Recommendations and Conclusions 5 Introduction Globalization is defined as the process of creating a common bond between different nations to facilitate free movement of goods and services (Holton, 2011).
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