Pros And Cons Of Going Out For Wrestling Essay

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A crucial decision I had to make was when I decided to go out for wrestling. In the winter seventh grade, I wanted to do a winter sport that wasn't basketball. I wasn't going to do a sport until one of my friends told me that I could do wrestling. I told them that I would think about it and that I would tell them if I decided on something.

When I got home that day, I did my homework started to play my Xbox. While I was playing, I started to think of all the pros of going out for wrestling. I was think for about a minute when I came up with the first pro. The first pro was I would be with my friends. I could think of eight different people that were my friends who were going out for wrestling for the first time. Those people were,
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The first con that I thought of was that I would have a lot less free time than usual. Wrestling practices starts at 3:15 and ends at 5:00, by the time I get home and showered up that leaves me with only a couple hours to get my homework done. I know it sounds like a lot of time, but it isn't for a teenager who wants to have time to play his Xbox. Another con is, I would have to get up at 6:30 for Wednesday practices because practice starts at 6:45 in the morning! The reason why they do that after school is because some kids go to a youth group after school on Wednesdays. The third and final con that I have been, I could get mat diseases or an injury. If you don't know what a mat disease is, it is a disease that you get from wrestling on a sweaty mat. Some examples are ring worm, impetigo (that I have had), boils and many more. When I got impetigo, I had to sit out for three practices and a meet! An injury that you can get can be a broken neck (or any bone) or cauliflower ear. I know now that you can get broken bones because one of my friends broke Draydens' arm by trying a chicken wing on him. Another injury that I had myself was when we were practicing a mat return where you pull someone across your body and you take them down, what I got hurt from was when my knee bent side ways because my foot got caught on his ankle when he dragged me. It hurt for ten minutes but then I was back at it
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