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When the mouse was developed, it revolutionized everything. Everybody is now able to point to an item on the screen. Not with arrow keys. But naturally with movement. When touch came to Smartphones, well it actually allowed the development of smartphones more or less, it revolutionized everything again. There was never a closer connection between user and content. And now, a new revolution could come: Virtual Reality. It allows the user to enter a complete isolated, imagined world, which is fully controlled by its creator. In the technology sector VR is seen as one of the key achievments which will influence our future. Despite challenges media should do the same to create a better experience than ever before. Yes, there are challenges about VR But first things first: VR is a completely new technology. A result of this is its low spread. There are probably about 20,000,000 VR-Systems in action today. And news become even worse: there are many completely different systems out there. The range starts at Google Cardboards and probalby ends at Oculus Rift. And not only systems differ but also performance of these. Google…show more content…
The creator of the content controls everything. He defines if the user can get distracted or not. And if he decides the user can be distracted, the creator can decide by what the user will be distracted. Furthermore: if the user puts on the VR-glasses, he will be more willing to invest some time to explore the worlds he will see. This is another strength of VR. You can build interactive worlds. The communication between text and reader, video and watcher is just one-sided. One recieves information the other part is the information. VR is probalby the first format that allows real interactivity like in computer games. You could build complete cities, make the user part of your story. The user could explore, learn, talk to people in your world. For the first time the user can controll what information he

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