Pros And Cons Of Graphic Design

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If you or someone close to you have ever had any interest in the graphic design field, you have probably faced the dilemma yourself or have seen them agonize over the decision to go to college. Graphic design is a fairly new field, but especially in the past decade the career field has gained momentum with the increasing improvements with technology and the need for logo branding, advertisements, and web or app platform aesthetics. Some prefer to call the degree Mass Communications or Digital Media because of the relation with Graphic Design as designing physical media such as magazines, while more and more of our modern media is consumed digitally. The major is usually a new program or class and becoming a very common major, however many famous graphic designers, such as Alexey Brodovitch or Karen X. Cheng, decided not to attend or finish college because their portfolio was impressive and they simply did not need to, or because of the cost. While a degree in Graphic Design is an art degree that can almost guarantee you some type of job, it is still an art degree. With inflation and tuition costs through the sky, 50K a semester for an art degree does not seem like highway robbery, it absolutely can be.
So let’s look at the pros for attending college for graphic design. If you or that friend or acquaintance you know is like me, then you know the stress of making a portfolio. For those who do not know what a portfolio quite is, it is basically the art equivalent of a resume.

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