Pros And Cons Of Greenscaping And Biophilia

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Reasons Companies Are Introducing Greenscaping & Biophilia Into Their Workspaces

Learn why an increasing amount of companies are now introducing greenscape designs and biophilia landscapes into their workplaces and what kind of positive impacts it will have on their employees.

What is Biophilia?

Biophilia is the innate need that humans have to continuously connect with nature and the environment. This concept became popular in 1984 by an American biologist Edward O Wilson in his book “Biophilia” and elaborated in greater detail by the “Godfather of Biophilia” Yale University’s Dr. Stephen Kellert who came up with 9 values that reflects this human reliance on the natural world.

They are:
Utilitarian - Nature is important to every human benefit.
Naturalistic - The idea of directly connecting with nature.
Scientific - The act of using empirical observations and evidence to explore nature.
Aesthetic - The physical appeal of nature.
Symbolic - Nature represented in metaphorical and communicative ways.
Humanistic - Emotional bonds with everything in nature.
Moralistic - Moral connection with nature.
Dominionistic - Control
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Be sure to choose the right plants that are appropriate to the environment inside and/or outside to avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides and constant soil care. Some companies build an enclosed natural area where employees can hang out during a lunch break in view of the entire office. Furthermore, installing a waterfall is a great idea if you want to deliver that genuine ‘rainforest’ feel, but make sure the interior furnishings show those green spaces and wood furnishings as well. Also, make sure the landscape outside the office has tall trees to block out sunlight and drown loud sounds coming from the road, which could increase air and noise pollution in and around the office. All of this will help employees improve their well-being, health, and
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