Pros And Cons Of Guillotine

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Annually, America spends trillions of dollars on health care. To be more specific, roughly ten thousand U.S. dollars is used per person. However, health care fraud costs our nation about sixty-eight billion dollars every year. Being that, thousands of families are exploited and forced to undergo risky medical procedures. In addition, an individual's lawful insurance information and private medical record are used as false claims against them. As a result, it is worrisome seeing a family who could afford the means easily but still embezzles a member ID card that does not belong to them; while single mothers with several children are being rightful and properly paying for Medicaid or other programs while they have a low-income salary. I agree…show more content…
One disadvantage that I am concerned for are the ethical concerns. To be more specific, I know one concern from the public may be the idea of using the guillotine. I do believe that the guillotine would inflict pain towards the families and friends of the deceased. However, there is no evidence regarding the pain in the victim. In fact, the process is precise and quick when it comes to beheading the convicted individual. Hence, I theorize the most pain may be a pinch in the neck. Secondly, some people may consider the disadvantages of limiting the number of families and health care programs across the nation. In my opinion, creating a limit allows more effective regulations and stricter policies will arise. In other words, there would be fewer numbers of people the government and other medical programs needs to keep track off for a given time. This benefits everyone as the qualification and availability of health care becomes more organized and transfers U.S. money to only specific health programs that are seen honorable. However, the availability of health care gets limited exponentially. To resolve it, the spots with available health care is still maintained but also rotates like a job shift etc. In addition, the idea of national selection occurs towards individuals who can’t wait for health care, and our population profits by dropping unneeded
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