Pros And Cons Of Health Insurance

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Throughout the years, managed health care has led to the growth of quite a few different forms of medical insurance coverage. While all of them seem feasible, they each have their pros and cons. What works for some individuals does not necessarily work for others therefore the options available are continuously evolving. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Primary Care provide the same type of health coverage with the exception of Primary Care. However, the coverage is distributed and paid for differently and by different parties
The Health Maintenance Organization charges its members a preset monthly amount regardless of how often they see their physician (Kongstvedt 2016). When it comes to emergency and specialty care these fees are already included in the preset payment plan. The only out of pocket expense for the patient is the nominal co-pay required at the time of service. While choosing an HMO plan seems feasible, there are a few downsides to it. It’s easy to run to a hospital when an emergency occurs, but when it comes to seeing a specialist, the patient must request the
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Once insurance companies start getting involved, everything gets complicated and I feel that such important matters as this should be as simple as humanly possible. There was a time recently when I wasn’t sure how much I should be contributing out of my pay check on health insurance for my family mainly because the insurance price was not cut and dry. I feel that primary care is just that. For those who cannot afford the high costs of medical coverage, primary care is going to be the “go to”. You can select a physician and pay him or her directly without any hassle. Primary care is soon to take over the marketplace. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of living stress free with a couple of extra dollars in their
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